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That early Saturday morning when you step into the streets of some of the major suburbs in Nigeria and see both the youths and the elderly jostling for places in small outlets scattered across the major cities, ghettos and most recently the villages. That’s how far their reach has gone.

You observe in the course of your walk in town that these outlets have a conspicuous and very popular brand name printed on a banner, attached to a sign post, and furthermore, you observe that this specific brand name is mostly associated with the outlets you pass by with crowds jostling for space.

bet9ja sign post

One scene that is guaranteed from these walks of yours is the presence of a white sheet of paper that has more length than width in the hands of the individuals. The length of some of these papers which are referred to as betting tickets could pass for belts.

You see some comparing their sheet of paper side by side with their eyes glued to a TV set showing a football game, while others focus on a screen that displays numerous score lines of different football games from different football leagues across the world.

There will be some persons with their mouths agape, some smiling and counting down the clock of a football game while some will be looking dejected. However, many eat from this, many cater for themselves from this and some cater for their families through this in Nigeria.

If you’re patient enough to wait them out, at the end of the day you are bound to hear screams of ‘I DON HAMMER!’, ‘I DON DIE!’, ‘OBOY NA ONE GAME CUT ME OUT OF 20 MATCHES, MY TIME DEY COME, I MUST HAMMER!’. Some will tread the path of anger and you’d hear assertions like ‘THESE PEOPLE DEY USE JUJU O!’ even rants like ‘MAKE THUNDER FIRE THIS CLUB AND THAT CLUB’

However, football betting has come to stay in Nigeria. Football betting may be referred to as a process that involves the commitment of an individual’s money to the potential outcome of a football game. For instance, I would like Chelsea to beat Arsenal, so I put my money where my mouth is by placing a specific amount of money on a Chelsea win, although many other options exist to make the decision process flexible for the user.

One of such notable football betting companies that have pioneered the growth of the football betting business in Nigeria is Bet9ja. A Nigerian owned betting company that operates both in the office sphere as well as in the online sphere, meaning you can go to physically located offices to cast your bets, or you do it online through Bet9ja

Like I mentioned earlier, Bet9ja is one betting companies in Nigeria whose brand is visible everywhere. You seldom walk through any major street or suburb without seeing a Bet9ja office. That’s how far they’ve come recently.

However, Bet9ja is not only restricted to football betting. It’s an online bookmaker company that ensures that users have the opportunity to bet on major sporting events. Bet9ja has grown into the people’s choice, however, others emerged before it in Nigeria but Bet9ja’s innovation has distinguished it as a force to be reckoned with in the bookmaker business. These proactive measures have resulted in Bet9ja establishing itself as the number 1 most visited website in Nigeria

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The Bet9ja business is owned by Kunle Soname, a Nigerian citizen who hails from Ogun State. You’ll get to know about him later. Bet9ja operations in Nigeria officially kicked off on the 10th of September 2013. The business commenced operations in the Sagamu Area of Ogun State as an offline sports betting outfit.

According to research, the business started on a large scale in the Sagamu area that lies between Lagos and Ogun State. The business began to blossom because of the numerous possibilities that individuals saw in its patronage, and the business exploded into commercial scale as its popularity rose.

The Bet9ja business mode of operation at the beginning was such that they had to hire agents and open betting outlets in major spots in the area, to enable sports lovers, especially football fans to walk into the various outlets located around the town, and make their predictions whilst putting their money where their mouth was, as they hoped mother luck would smile on their numerous predictions.

bet9ja offices

On the day of its launch, a shirt deal between Bet9ja and Remo stars was signed, and so began the rise of its fame across the country as Soname sought to expand nationwide. Bet9ja then put plans in place and assumed the role of the official sponsor of the Nigeria Women’s Football League in 2015. Soname employed many innovative strategies to ensure that his services stood out among the rest. The strategies he employed at the start of the business proved his prowess as a brilliant businessman.

One of such strategies that have made Bet9ja to carve a niche for itself in the Nigerian betting market is the adoption of the offline outlet strategy in the business’ early days in Sagamu. As at then, residents in the area had not really embraced Information Technology as they do now, and it’s an obvious fact that the internet was not fully appreciated by Sagamu residents at the time, so he employed a strategy that appealed to the residents.

All they had to do was identify a favorite outlet, visit it and place their bets at their own convenience. It was that easy and convenient at the time for the residents of Sagamu. This ensured that customers could place bets, wait out their wins and subsequently collect their payments in cash and in person without the hassles that an online platform would provide in terms of user registration, valid ID tendering, cost of accessing the internet, and the complexities of placing bets through the online portal which required some skill in computer usage.

Another approach that ensured the stability of his sports betting company was his exploration into the online betting world, as his business became accessible from all and sundry within Nigeria and outside. Therefore, his customers had the luxury of going to offices to stake and collect their wins in cash, or proceed for online registration, carry out analysis of games and make their predictions from the comfort of their homes through their mobile phones, laptops or a cyber café.

The offline procedure for placing bets required that one should arrive early especially on weekends. This was due to a large number of games and potential punters who were eager to place bets. This resulted in waits in a queue as they waited their turn before they could place their bets.

Some would be unlucky on the day, as the games would commence even before they had the opportunity to make their predictions. The online platform eliminated such inconveniences, as you could even log in and place a bet conveniently and successfully in a few minutes before the game, and when you ended up winning, the winning amount could be transferred to your bank account. This was another major benefit that customers derived from Bet9ja’s online betting platform.

Furthermore, in a bid to attract more customers after the launch of the online platform, Soname introduced some promotional strategies that made a majority of Nigerians to open Bet9ja accounts, a move that would make them develop commitment to the platform eventually.

A bonus that was derived for new punters getting registered to the site was introduced. This ensured that new punters had their first deposits doubled, and this appealed to punters as they had the opportunity to win more, and stake more than their deposits could afford.

A close examination of these awesome strategies would make one not to be amazed at how far Bet9ja has come in Nigeria. Their recent rating as Nigeria’s most visited website by Alexa is no fluke.


Kunle Soname is the name! He is the business mogul who pioneered the relatively most successful, reputable, and prestigious locally owned sports betting company in Nigeria. He is one of the richest Nigerians around and is also the president of Remo Stars, a newly promoted Nigerian Professional Football League side based in Sagamu.

kunle soname - owner bet9ja

Soname has also carved a niche for himself as the first Nigerian to buy a top European football club. The club, Clube Desportivo Feirense or CD Feirense plays in the Portuguese Premiera Liga and was established in 1918. According to reports, he bought 70% of the club that now has the likes of Iduitua David and Oghenekaro Etebo, who are Nigerian players that are contracted to the club in Portugal.

bet9ja owner kunle soname acquires cd feirense

The Nigerian businessman is a graduate of Lagos State University. He was a former employee of the Ikosi-Isheri Local Council. He has a passion for football and he has shown it practically in the purchase of two football clubs. He is also been reported as the go-to man for a majority of the football events that are organized in Nigeria.

bet9ja owner and remo stars

He is the person in charge of the marketing and sponsorship activities of the Nigeria National Football League, and he has assumed the position since 2011.

According to reports, he revealed the major skills that earned him his riches. He mentioned personal development, event planning, social networking as well as marketing and football administration.


The options that punters can choose from on the Bet9ja platform ensure that they are spoilt for choice. There are a variety of selections one can make on a specific game. You can decide to go the ‘single, two-game, three-game or at most the four-game’ way in your predictions. There is the popular convention way that most Nigerians have embraced.

This popular way seems the easy way but ends up as the impossible way most of the time. The method of staking where a person uses a minimal sum like 100 naira or 200 naira and picks a minimum of 20 games, while some even go as far as 30 games that can run for weeks before the bet ends.

Like I mentioned earlier, these are the tickets that could pass for belts. You could tie them around your waist on a Monday morning and proceed to work. However, these accumulated bets rarely produce the required result for the punters.

bet9ja ticket

The betting legends have advised and suggested that the way to place bets and win is to pick a few games, sometimes a maximum of 5, and place huge sums on them. These bets produce the desired results most of the time, but not everyone dares to take such risks. Fortune favors the bold. Others would rather accumulate games and keep on losing woefully.
Bet9ja has many options in the football category. Some notable ones are:

• You could go for a home win or away win in favor of any team

• Both teams to score – This means that both sides must score in the course of the 90 minutes

• Over 1.5 goals – A minimum of 2 goals must be scored in the game. It could be over 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5 etc

• Under 2.5 goals – The goals scored in the game should not exceed 2, in the course of the 90 minutes.

• First to score – You place this bet on the team you believe will score the first goal of the game in an encounter.

• First half win / Second half win – This stake pays particular attention to the winner of the game after the first half or second half and not the entire 90 minutes.

These are just a tip of the iceberg in terms of the options that Bet9ja offers you to ensure that you emerge as a winner. A number of seemingly favorable options exist.


There are claims that Bet9ja is currently the biggest sports betting company in Nigeria with international reach. This means that even foreigners access the services that are being offered by Bet9ja. The website through which the business operates on the Internet affords punters the luxury of placing bets on the outcome of numerous varieties of sporting events.

These sporting events are listed on the site and are accessible to punters who have significant knowledge of the sport.
These individuals can then take risks on these sporting events, although the outcomes are largely determined by luck. However, some level of intelligence and awareness of the games are required to enhance the possibility of success.

bet9ja winning ticket-1

There have been news of numerous big wins by certain individuals. The majority of the bets being placed on Bet9ja are on football. A majority of the wins being announced on national radio and television are also in the football category. Recently, a 17-year-old boy won the sum of N43 million with a stake of N100. The picture of the ticket containing the bet he placed is shown below:

bet9ja winning ticket-2

bet9ja winning ticket-3


Bet9ja has evolved over the years and this has resulted in massive nationwide and international reach. Bet9ja punters also have the luxury of getting the sports betting company’s app being installed on their mobile devices. You can visit the website and place your bet, or you can download the app for convenience and use it on your mobile device.

bet9ja mobile app

This is another development that has contributed to the fast emergence of Bet9ja in Nigeria. Users can make their choice from a variety of interesting options. Amazingly, the mobile app released by Bet9ja is available in Android, Iphone and Blackberry versions.


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