In human history, every era always have its high moments, with many of them lasting for a season or a decade, while some other moments may last for centuries or a life time.

There is no doubt that one of the high moments of the 21st century, particularly in Nigeria and the rest of the world, is the phenomenon called sports betting. Football as a sports has been viewed as many as a sport that have the power and influence to unite the world and make friends with our enemies. The true fact of this can be attested to during world cups matches, friendlies and other league games, as former warring countries, shield their swords in the field of play.

In recent years, football as a form of sports and entertainment has given birth to new and innovative businesses, top most of which is sports betting. Sports betting is a predict and win business model, where fans stake a certain amount to predict the event winner of a match and other activities, like red cards, thrown ins, draws, etc, to win great prices, if the predictions are right.

One of the successful betting companies in Nigeria is BET9JA. Bet9ja is the registered trading name of KC Gaming Networks Limited.

KC Gaming Networks Limited hold the Lagos State Lotteries Board license, the Sportsbook and Gaming license issued by the State of Osun, and hold licenses to operate in all States where sports betting is permitted in      Nigeria.
KC Gaming Networks draws upon the best practices in both Europe and Africa. The technology centre of the company is based in Europe to ensure the reliability and security of their systems and transactions. While the customer facing operations are based in Lagos to ensure the customer experience     is       unparalleled.
KC Gaming Networks set the standard for online, mobile and retail excellence in Nigeria.

The company was among the few who saw the huge potential in the sports betting business, and took advantage of it, which no doubt have created millions, both for the owners and lucky winners, whom, as many will say, found fortune in football, even without kicking football for one day.

The company therefore as way of saying a big thank you to their teeming clients and customers, who go out of their ways weekly and daily to stake their money, to predict and win prices, have been rewarded with a cow, so as to have a party and join the company in celebrating their good fortunes.

During the public presentation, an official of the company stated, “this is simply a token for our fans, to let them know we appreciate their patronage and also to give them a reason to celebrate the Christmas.

Fans of sports betting and particularly, BET9JA are in a frenzy and happy mood, all over the country as many of them saw this as a good gesture from the betting company.

Will sports betting as a business model last for many more years? Only time will tell!

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