Did you notice that just made an update on the current listings of top sites in Nigeria? And can you guess the new boy on the block? Am sure you will fail at this one as i doubt anyone saw this coming.; Nigeria’s very own football betting and gambling website has risen to the Number one spot in Nigeria, leaving behind big guns like, and

3 members of the the Big G family are comfortable sitting on 1,2 and 3 –, and Of course who would expect google to give up their spot. They are undoubtedly the world most used search Engine.


Youtube on the order hand is the world most used video streaming website. Sometime in Marcg 2017, Google announced that the “World Watches 1 Billion Hours Of YouTube Every Day” …Thats a crazy statistics right?

So we can comfortably say that their current position on alexa’s Top sites in Nigeria is well deserved and will be very difficult to break through to the top three spot that they currently occupy.

Meanwhile, you still need to give kudos to the newcomer for its persistent to stay relevant all through the years. As funny as this may sound, The current report means that Nigerian’s now Bet or gamble more than they socialize or check their mails.

Alexa Top Sites in Nigeria


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