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Slowly but surely Bitcoin is beginning to fill the niche of mobile programs. Today, the number of different applications in the Play Store and on other platforms is growing, which allows the user to manage the cryptocurrency, as well as to mine it, without being tied to a specific place.

Below in the article we will look at the top 7 downloadable Bitcoin programs for Smartphones on Android and OS.

Mycelium Wallet

Mobile cryptocurrency wallets are very popular on Android smartphones, especially in light of the fact that such a giant as Apple for the last few years has been negative about bitcoin programs.

On this basis, people engaged in the extraction of Bitcoin coins, as well as trading on the exchanges of digital currencies, only for the sake of applications had to change their iPhones to Android smartphones. And one of the programs worth it is Mycelium Wallet.

Almost 93%of users who downloaded the program rated it at 5 stars, thanks to a convenient interface, high level of protection and various useful features. Mycelium Wallet allows you to find other users to exchange their Bitcoin coins for ordinary money and vice versa.

In addition, there is a “temporary freeze” feature, which allows you to improve security during transactions. Also, users do not need to download the entire block circuit to connect – all functions start working immediately after downloading Mycelium.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Do you constantly monitor the value of LItecoin and Bitcoin coins? Then you should download a stock web widget created by the development team from XBT Apps. All the user needs is to set up the alert function to keep up to date and respond to changes in a timely manner.

Bitcoin MAP

The program, created by David Hess, is designed to inform BTC-enabled financial companies in the region where you are located. The app syncs with Yandex Maps, Google Maps, and Open Street Map to be able to quickly search for organizations or institutions where you can exchange Bitcoin coins or pay with cryptocurrency for the provided goods or services.

The app is very popular in a number of European and Asian countries. Bitcoin MAP is not much in demand in the CIS, however, this is due to the fact that now not many companies support BTC.

Free Bitcoins

The program, created by BTC Aliens, is very popular with many users, as it distributes thousands of satosha everyhour. In order to receive fractional parts of bitcoin, the user needs to periodically run applications. And with additional performance of simple tasks, the user gets an increased satosha ratio.

Also of the advantages can be called that satoshi do not need to accumulate to a certain value and you can display them on your wallet instantly. Free Bitcoins received a positive rating from 92% of Play Market users, making it one of the most rated mobile taps.

Bitcoin Paranoid

Users who earn on cryptocurrency exchanges by buying and selling bitcoin, or borrowing it to other participants at interest, are interested in constantly tracking the rate of the digital coin. Bitcoin Paranoid was specially developed for such people.

The program only works with smartphones on the Android operating system with a version of 4.2.2. The essence of the application is that it constantly warns about the change in the value of cryptocurrency.

Depending on the settings, notifications may be:
Every 10 seconds.
Every 15 minutes.
Every 60 minutes.

The current cryptocurrency rate is determined on the basis of constant monitoring of many online exchanges, including the world such as Coinbase. Bitcoin Paranoid received a rating of 4 and 5 stars from 88.4% of users.


This program is designed specifically for safe exchanges and trading of virtual currencies using a mobile device.

The advantage of the application is that it supports many different cryptocurrencies, including:
The Lightcon.
And others.

Additionally, it supports 17 exchanges, giving the user extra leeway. Also, the program provides all the necessary features and tools that allow the user to conduct a full trade with Android-smartphone.

zTrader has a high level of security, so the user can not worry that access to the account and finances will be hacked by malware. Thanks to its functionality and reliability in Google Play, the program has earned a positive rating from 92.2% of users.

Bitcoin Checkout

The Bitcoin Checkout app was created by the BitPay development team. It allows, using a smartphone on the Android operating system, to quickly and safely accept or transfer bitcoins. Also, the supplement is suitable for paying for goods and services, in places where cryptocurrency is accepted.

The program provides a rich functionality, allowing you to set tips for service personnel, set a limit, perform The Protection of BitPay from the floating rate of Bitcoin coins and so on. Users appreciate the app for its simplicity, and in Google Play it scores 4.6 points and 5.

The person who wanted to create a wireless phone was considered a madman and a fantasist, and now the smartphone will not surprise anyone.

Many governments also do not recognize cryptocurrency as full money, but it slowly and surely begins to supplant the usual banknotes and metal coins. Obviously, the future will be digital money, and therefore for phones will be constantly released new applications that allow you to trade,earn, and pay for goods and services with coins.

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