Moving can be a very exhausting and complicated task to carry out. A transfer can lead to many inconveniences: from losing objects along the way to not knowing the places that exist in the new destination, to not knowing what to do with those things that have already lost their usefulness.

However, there are applications that can help users make a move in a simple way and taking into account all the essential elements to move boxes full of objects to a new destination. These are some of the best apps:

* Movers:- This application is very useful for those users who want to hire a vehicle to transport all their belongings from one place to another. Depending on the amount of items you need to store, you can hire a smaller or larger vehicle. They can be vans, commercial cars, trucks and even motorcycles. The app is available for Android and iOS.

* Trello:- This application is essential to organize tasks and manage activities. Users can manage their projects using tools that allow you to create boards attach files from Google Drive, upload photos and videos, add pending tasks as an alert, etc. It is therefore essential to carry out a move. Trello is available for Android and iOS.

* Sortly:- Inventory Simplified. This application is a digital inventory and can be very effective for those businesses that need to move from one location to another. The platform allows to generate QR codes and barcodes. Users can keep items and products stored in their warehouse up to date and find those that should take priority, for example, in a move. The app is available for iOS and Android.

* AroundMe:- Like other Maps applications , this platform shows a map that shows all the places close to the user. The internet user can find out if there are banks, shops, entertainment venues, parks, hospitals, etc. around his new home. The user can find the sites through categories. AroundMe is available for Android and iOS.

* Magic plan:- 2D/3D planes and AR measurements. This application can be a great solution for those users who have just moved and have to place furniture in their new home. By taking photographs, the app is able to create plans of the house and then place the furniture to organize the arrangement of objects from the mobile. It is available for iOS and Android.

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