The journey of the BIG Brother Naija (BBN) that started over 90 days ago, with audition, screening, and eventual camping or rather caging, came to an end, yesterday, 6th October 2019, with Mercy Eke, emerging as the winner.

The event did not end without the twists, turns, betrayals, denials, dashed hopes, evictions/ disqualifications, insults, body shaming and above all the forced smiles, and mixed feelings when the winner was eventually announced. The 90 long torturing treacherous days, at its best, created more zombies, rather than homies.

It was a program that divided us more than it united us, it exposed our foolishness rather than wisdom, it elevated our pettiness, rather than decorum, which culminated in us experiencing “keypad wars”, between the titans and the Lambo’s.

There is no doubt, that by virtue of Mercy winning the “big bounty” has ushered her into the ranks of millionaires, as she has even started doing giveaways on Instagram, (giving 20k to 10 persons).

My anger and anguish is not that Mercy won, or that Mike failed to clinch the price, or that Tacha has no character, or that Kaffi, did unprintable things in the name of entertainment or enjoyment, or that Seyi, Frodd, almost saw the promised land, but could not get in.

My anger is that my generation had become experts in majoring in the minor and minoring in the major. How then can one account for the stupendous wealth generated through voting, by a people whose daily cry is about a country that descends speedily into the valleys of poverty every second of every passing minute, generate billions of naira, for a program, whose sole aim is to undermine our intellectual prowess, slow down our financial progress and deflate our spiritual well-being.

You may say I am conceited in my opinions, but I am of the strong views that BBN at its core, is all about entertainment (Na only entertainment we go chop?) and not about personal development or generational economic emancipation.

Of what use is BBN?

If only we can start realising or realigning what is important to us, we would have used our energies, monies, talents, native abilities, strength and our eagerness to bring about a country we can call our own, rather than invest our resourcefulness into programs that cunningly and backwardly take our naira’s and give us kobo’s worth of entertainment that lasts only for 42 seconds in Tonto’ Dike’s voice, in its stead.

We cannot afford to continue this way, we must come to the realisation, that programs like BBN will continue to soar high and excel, until we allow the blazing heat of the sun to melt away the wax of mumurity that has become our greatest undoing. Abeg make we wake up….wingsnewspaper

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