baba suwe

Nollywood comic actor and celebrity, Babatunde Omidina, aka Baba Suwe has expressed disgust with the activities of the dreaded Badoo cult group that operates in the Ikorodu area of Lagos. He stated that the gruesome activities which the ritualists indulge in have caused the transformation of Ikorodu into an area where visitors are embarrassed daily by vigilante groups with numerous questions, especially in the late hours.

Baba Suwe disclosed that he has been a resident of Ikorodu for more than ten years and has never fallen victim to such tragedy

He says, “I was born and bred in Lagos but I have been living in Ikorodu for over ten years. Since I have been here, nothing like this has happened before.”

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“Personally I am very afraid of these boys and my prayer is that I should never encounter them in my life.

“Their activities have hindered my movement because it is no longer advisable to move around at night”, Baba Suwe said.

He further revealed that the situation was so critical that people never see Ikorodu as a safe haven at the moment. He also stated that many of the Ikorodu landlords have deserted their homes for fear of the dreaded criminals.

“It is so bad that lots of landlords have vacated their homes for fear of these boys. They ran for their lives,” he added.



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