A Facebook worker has leaked an audio of a Mark Zuckerberg meeting with some of his employees in which the company’s director attacks his critics, competitors and even the United States government. One of the most relevant elements of the audio is the tone that Zuckerberg uses, much more relaxed and relaxed than he usually has in public.

Mark Zuckerberg believes that TikTok is like the Explore tab on Instagram.

Facebook’s CEO has been very critical of Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren for her plans to divide Facebook into several companies for her immense power and market position. Zuckerberg has explained that he does not want to maintain problems with the US government in the future if Warren arrives at the White House.

However, Zuckerberg has said that if someone threatens Facebook, the firm will fight.

The company’s CEO has also remarked, Splitting these companies, be it Facebook, Google or Amazon, is not really going to solve the problems. And, you know, it doesn’t make electoral interference less likely.

Not only has he criticized political representatives, he has also talked about his competitors. Laughing, Mark Zuckerberg has explained that Twitter cannot do a job as good as they do when it comes to security. In fact, the CEO of Facebook has come to say that his investment in security is greater than the totality of Twitter’s revenues. A comment that has aroused the laughter of the rest of the employees of the meeting.

Zuckerberg has also explained the reason why he has not attended the hearings that have been requested by several countries around the world because of Facebook’s problems and scandals. The Facebook CEO believes that it makes no sense to attend audiences in all countries after attending those in the United States and the European Union.

Another relevant fact of the conversation between Zuckerberg and his employees has been the role of the TikTok application, whose income increased by 500% in just one year. Far from making a calm and deep critique of the growth of the Chinese app, he has stated the following: (TikTok) is almost like the Explore tab of Instagram».

Something that reveals the ignorance that Mark Zuckerberg possesses of which he can become one of his biggest competitors. Unlike Instagram, the content of TikTok requires some preparation and the way of communicating is totally different in this application.

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