5 Apps to help improve your Sleep Quality

Sleep is one of the most important habits of the day. Achieving a good night’s sleep allows you to be more active throughout the day. In addition, sleeping well increases creativity, improves memory and can even help you lose weight.

These sleep apps have smart alarms that wake up the user at the right time.

On the other hand, there are obstacles that hinder good sleep. The stress of work or technology may be some of them. In fact, the use of the mobile phone at night can take away hours of sleep .

The smartphone can be an inconvenience when it comes to falling asleep, but it can also become a point in favor thanks to these applications that help improve the quality of sleep:

-Sleep Rate – Sleep Therapy.

This application performs an evaluation of sleep problems and then treat them. It offers daily information to users about the quality of their sleep. It has an intelligent alarm that wakes the user at the optimum time.

It also has a function that allows to detect noise that can disturb during sleep and even snoring. The app allows the user to perform relaxation exercises to get to sleep. It is available for Android and iOS.

-Pzizz: sleep, nap, concentration.

This application offers different modules according to the type of dream you want to fall asleep. That is, depending on the time of day in which the user wants to rest. The application reproduces dream sounds combined with relaxing songs and, even, a voiceover that claims to cry out to the user and clear their mind.

This app is available for Android and iOS. Some of the sound files of this platform are found on YouTube.


This application is simpler than the previous ones. Since, as the name of the app says, it only offers soothing sounds and music to help users get to sleep in the best possible way. This app is available for Android and iOS. Some of its sound files are available on SoundCloud.

-Sleep Better.

This application collects user data that may affect the quality of your dream. For example, if you have taken caffeine or suffered stress. Record time, cycles and sleep efficiency.

Like others already mentioned, it has an intelligent alarm to wake the user at the right time. One of the most curious things about the app is that it informs about the phases of the moon, since they also affect sleep. It is available for Android and iOS.


This application is intended not so much for sleep itself, but for waking up. This application works as an alarm clock that tries to emulate the sunrise of the sun to not only wake the user through relaxing sounds, but also with light.

When there are ten minutes left before the app’s alarm sounds, the mobile screen starts to light up gradually until it reaches maximum brightness. On the other hand, it has a “night mode” that silences notifications or any annoying sound that emerges from the phone. The problem is that it is only available for Android users.

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