Android Apps for Video marketing and Editing

If you want to adapt to the new times you must know the digital tools to be able to make a dent in the network.

Audiovisual content is essential for any business or commerce, no matter how small and there are tools to create online videos without downloading any program or application.

All these applications create audiovisual montages automatically from a template

However, these programs can be complicated to use, especially when no video editing and editing tools have been used.

The difficulty increases when you want to make an advertising spot. Therefore, we present the best apps for video marketing that offer an automated edition and that can help us create our content for networks.


This application is owned by Instagram and offers users the ability to edit short videos. Its great function is the possibility of increasing the speed of the clip so that it can be published on Instagram or Facebook. It is available for Android and iOS.


This video editor allows you to capture clips and edit them at the moment. It is very easy to use since it has a very intuitive interface.

Performs automatic assemblies and has templates for the captured content to fit it. The user can enter titles and subtitles, in addition to adding their own music.

It offers tools to share on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. It is available for Android and iOS.


It is one of the best known. This app wants users to attract attention through social networks and to promote their business on the Internet.

It has an intelligent editing system where the user only has to upload the content. The application edits it for him.


This video editor offers the possibility of adding music, cutting videos, merging clips, adding unfocused backgrounds, including filters and visual effects in the video, as well as tools that allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation.

Video Show Creator Pic Flow

This application allows you to create videos with images. The user can add the duration of the image, include transitions and determine the duration of the same. In addition, you can add a song from your own gallery.

The problem is that this app is only available for Android, but there is a similar version for iOS called Video Show – Video Editor.

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