Real Madrid star man and Portuguese international, Cristiano Ronaldo, will be appearing in court in Madrid on the 31st of July, to answer charges which have been brought against him by prosecutors at Spain’s Hacienda tax authority.

According to allegations laid against him, he employed the use of offshore companies to make payments of at least €14.7 million in tax on the income of his image rights. According to experts, the possibility of spending time in jail is high if he does not plead guilty and pay a fine.

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However, Ronaldo’s camp alongside the player has maintained that he is innocent of the allegations against him. His yacht which was boarded this week by customs agent is also being described as a means of provocation.

In reaction to the case during a news conference organized at UCLA ahead of the team’s preseason training session, the vice-captain of Real Madrid, Marcelo declared that he and his teammates will offer support to Ronaldo till death. He also stated that he would wait till Ronaldo joined the squad before discussing the issue.

“I have not spoken with Cristiano about this”, the player said on Friday.

“He knows that his teammates are with him to the death. When he arrives we will speak with him and see how he is.”

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