How to Activate Google drive dark mode

Many mobile applications already have a dark mode. In the case of apps like Twitter, users can choose between two dark modes.

Those apps that do not yet have an interface in dark and dark tones are already working to add them in the coming months, as is the case with Gmail.

At the moment, this dark mode is only available for Android users

One of the last applications to have a dark mode is Google Drive. The Google storage platform already offers users the possibility of activating its «Dark» mode after last April changed its interface to adapt, like Google Play, to the Google design image, Material Design. These are the steps to follow to activate the dark mode in Google Drive:

-First, the user must click on the three horizontal lines that appear in the upper left of the storage platform interface.

-When you press the three lines, you can see the Google Drive menu displayed on the screen with all the options.

-In that menu, the user must go to «Settings», which appears in one of the options at the bottom.

-Once you have clicked on «Settings», the user can now see a new window with more functions and tools that can be configured.

In this tab, the settings appear in sections: “Automatic backup for applications”, “Notifications”, “Subject”, “Document cache”, etc. The user must click, in the “Theme” section, under “Choose a theme”.

-When you have clicked on that option you can already see a box with the different themes to choose on the screen of your mobile.

Among them, the “Dark” mode is the dark mode. Therefore, you must click on that option for the Google Drive interface to change its color scheme to black and blue tones.

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