If you are one of the thousands of users who complain and ask Twitter that tweets can be edited, we are sorry, this functionality is not among those expected to launch the social network next year. Nor will the possibility of modifying a tweet published in 2020, at least, in the words of the Vice President of Design and Research of the social network, Dantley Davis.

The manager has listed a list of five developments that the company is working on and that, presumably, will be released in 2020. All of them are designed to give the user more control over what happens on the platform. There is no official release date, it is only confirmed that they are “working on it”, they would be the following:

1. Remove me from this conversation: Until now, when a user is mentioned in a tweet, he has no way of being removed from the conversation and will remain in it as long as responses continue to occur.

Twitter is working on a basic functionality that allows the user to “remove” that mention, in the same way that it can eliminate tagging in a photograph, something also common in other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

2. Do not allow RT: Can there be a case where we do not want users to make our tweet go viral? Apparently, yes, although I find almost none. Anyway, Twitter is thinking of creating a function that allows the user to post a message and prevent it from being retweeted.

It may serve to increase the answers, but in principle, unless we were wrong to publish it and we did not want to delete it, but to prevent its dissemination, I do not find this new option that could arrive in 2020 very useful.

3. Request permission to mention me: This is another way to guarantee the user more control over their presence on the platform. With this option, only those people he designated could mention him in his tweets. It may be fine to prevent trolls from mentioning us, without having to block them.

4. Delete a mention in a tweet: Perhaps you have published a tweet in which you mentioned someone and that person does not want to be mentioned and lets you know. So far, the only option would be to delete the tweet and rewrite it without mentioning it. Well, it is possible that from 2020 users have the option to delete a mention in their own tweet without having to delete the entire tweet.

5. Do not tweet at all: Another interesting option on which Twitter works is the possibility of allowing users to choose that a message not be shown to everyone, but only to those who follow a certain hashtag, an interest or a contact list, for example.

All the news is aimed at allowing the user to control the conversation on Twitter more and this is of better quality, as can be seen. We will be attentive to when each of them is launched in the coming months.

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