TikTok is one of the platforms that is growing the most and is quarter after quarter the most downloaded social media application in all application stores, surpassing even platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

This fact should make many traders think that, without a doubt, TikTok can be an essential option to promote a product or a service or relaunch the image of a company, especially if the target audience they are targeting is teenage.

Taking into account that this social network is mainly used by a very young audience, we are going to offer some marketing tips to promote yourself on TikTok and get the most out of the fashion app:

* Get naturalness:- Unlike other spaces, which require more elaborate and quality videos, TikTok rewards naturalness and spontaneity. Therefore, raw videos with hardly any editing are an excellent way to show closeness to other users and attract the audience.

* Relation with a content creator:- Many influencers use TikTok and have thousands of followers and can provide a window of opportunity when promoting a product or service. Rethinking the possibility of establishing a business relationship with one of these creators is essential to stand out in social networks in general and in TikTok in particular.

* Basic promotion options:- The company began introducing advertising earlier this year. Users can add ads in the platform feed in different ways. They have the “Biddable Ads” mode; that is, ads that appear on the platform wall and earn revenue based on the number of clicks or viewing time.

“Brand Takeover” is another mode of advertising and is characterized by the announcement appears at the start of the app. The problem is that, for now, only some brands can develop advertising on TikTok, which does not have a system for anyone to acquire ads as they do have Twitter or Facebook.

* Use Augmented Reality:- The so-called “Branded Lenses” is a strategy that is increasingly used by more companies. It consists of promoting a product or service through Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality by creating a specific filter for the company. For example, merchants can develop their products three-dimensionally so that users can see them with the camera of their smartphone in real size before making a purchase. Makeup companies are usually the ones that use this feature the most.

* Reta to your customers and users:- Resorting to #hashtagChallenges is also another of the most effective TikTok promotion modes. This mode allows you to create hashtags and interact with users or customers by proposing challenges. The merchant can promote a product through these labels and encourage potential consumers not only to buy the product without more, but to perform an action that can be rewarded and is also fun.

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