Creating a company logo can be as complicated a task as choosing the name for a web domain. If you want to receive a professional job, it is best to turn to graphic design experts to get a distinctive and striking logo.

However, today, the Internet and applications provide the opportunity to create free logos without having knowledge of graphic design programs. Maybe it can be an easy and fast solution on certain occasions.

Here Are 5 Apps to create a logo from a smartphone for free:

* Logo Foundry:- This is an application that contains numerous packages of symbols, shapes and icons that allow users to create their own logos. In addition, it also has text tools for stylistic writing. Users can export photos in JPG format and transparent images in PNG. The app is available for Android and iOS.

* Maker logo:- This application has a great variety of graphic elements and tools that offer the possibility of creating a logo. Logo Marker has shapes, symbols, colors, backgrounds and textures with which the user can edit his creations. It also has text functions, with which users can select different fonts for a writing, vary their size or provide a three-dimensional appearance. The app is available for Android and iOS.

* Desing Evo:- This application offers the user up to more than 3,500 logo templates that can be customized. In addition, you can create texts with more than 100 fonts and add hundreds of graphic elements to generate a symbol. Users can adjust the size, color or opacity of the graphic icons they use. Desing Evo is available for Android and iOS users.

* Canva:- This is one of the most complete apps because it goes beyond the creation of logos. Users have tools for creating posters, birthday invitations and even stories for Instagram. This app allows you to create texts, modify them, adjust their size and change their color. Canva is available for Android and iOS.

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