A total of forty-one Internet price comparison services (travel, insurance, telephony and Internet) have requested the European Union antitrust authorities to act against Google.

Apparently, the Alphabet group company would be disobeying the order to allow its rivals to compete on equal terms. According to comparators who have joined to make the request to the EU, this puts the continuity of their business at risk.

Previously, some of these companies had already demonstrated against the comparison service of Google, Google Shopping, and other search engine tools that would be used taking advantage of a dominant position in the market that prevents the rest from competing. However, never before have so many comparison companies joined to denounce the activities of the Alphabet group firm.

According to the Reuters agency, these companies have sent a joint letter to the European Competition Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, to adopt new measures against Google, since, they claim, is not complying with the 2017 order to stop favoring their Own price comparison service. On that occasion, Google was also fined 2.4 billion euros, but apparently continues to perform the same practices.

Since Google classifies and displays its purchasing service in a more favorable position than that of competing companies on its search pages, the sanctioned practice has not ceased, ”they say.

The 41 comparison portals come from 21 different countries of the European Union, and some of them operate in Europe Spain to be precise. They also complain that Google’s proposal to allow competitors to bid on advertising space at the top of their search page has not increased traffic to their websites.

As they report, as a result of Google’s practices, many companies are being forced to close and exit the market, or reorient their business model.

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