To be in any way on social networks, it is better not to be) Don’t forget that maxim when you decide to open the social networks of your business or small business. Being in them will require a significant investment of economic resources and time to manage the profiles properly and if you are not willing to make that bet it is better not to have a presence in social networks.

In order to succeed, it is necessary to plan, develop and monitor the different actions that are going to be carried out, which will form a solid strategy based on previously set objectives.

The most advisable thing is to have a professional trained for the management of social profiles in corporate environments, but in many cases small companies cannot afford to expand their workforce or hire a freelance Community Manager, so their functions end up being assumed – without wanting to. or without knowing it – by the entrepreneur or one of his collaborators. It is necessary that the latter be aware at least of the importance of the work he is going to do and of the need to have a defined action plan (a Social Media Plan , which in this article we remembered how to prepare it).

In addition, you must adopt an open position and take into account these 10 keys that, by way of summary, indicate the way and attitude with which every small organization should embrace social networks if you want to get the most out of them. Let’s see them:

1. Being on social networks is no longer an option:- Businesses and SMEs should be there where their customers and potential customers are, which are now found in social networks. However, having a presence in social networks requires a significant investment of time and money. If the necessary resources are not going to be allocated for good management, it is better not to be in them.

2. Have a plan:- All action on social networks must be based on objectives. Ask yourself: What do you want to achieve? Choose the social networks in which you will have a presence based on it, select your audience, prepare your messages.

3. Follow a strategy for each social network:- If you have a presence in several, do not share the same content in all social networks. Create a different strategy for each of the channels.

4. Optimize the profile:- Think that is the showcase of your trade in social networks. Take care of the photographs, update the texts and provide information and ways of contact for users.

5. Constant update:- Post several times a week on Facebook and almost daily on Instagram (especially in Stories format) but whenever you have something relevant to share. If someone comes to your company’s profile and it is outdated, they will have no reason to follow it. The publication must be constant, but controlled, so as not to tire or bore the user.

6. Audiovisual contents:- Photographs and videos generate up to 90% more interactions. The texts, the shorter and more direct, the better.

7. Ephemeral contents and live broadcasts:- They serve to show a closer view of the trade with fresh content that attracts attention.

8. Customer service:- Always respond to comments made by users on social networks. Consider social networks as a way to approach them and address their doubts and questions as if they were approaching your establishment.

9. Monitor your actions:- Analyze which publications are most successful, at what times, on what days of the week will help you to know the needs of your customers. Adopt a listening attitude and you will know what you should provide to your audience.

10. Do not become obsessed with the number of followers or set the main objective of “selling more.”:- Your goal should be to talk with consumers, add value, create a community of users similar to your brand. You must be transparent to your clients, proximity also in your social networks and that will bring business opportunities, in the medium and long term.

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